Mama Smith’s Sweet Factory began as an idea in 2011. Baking has always been a passionate bond in my family. I did not realize it when I was young, but my two late grandmothers would have the most profound impact on my life.

In 1983, my paternal grandmother, Patricia Ann Smith, passed away of stage four lung cancer. My eldest sister, Trisha, was six months old. Twelve years later, my maternal grandmother, Janice Arlene Pflaum, passed away, in 1995, from a pulmonary embolism. I missed her by just two years. Both of these women dedicated their lives to creating homes full of love, laughter, and luscious desserts. These characteristics are continued by my mother, Kathreen. Everyday she spreads the same values and supports me, unconditionally, towards my goals, including Mama Smith’s Sweet Factory.

Throughout my life I have been told wonderful stories about both of my grandmothers. Patricia, in particular, expressed how thankful she was to my mother for giving her “one of the greatest gifts of all for both of us; a grandaughter and a daughter.” Instead of “grandma”, she always hoped my siblings and I would call her “Mama Smith”.  This stemmed from fond memories she had of her grandmother, “Mama Wade.” Even though she passed away before she could hear my sisters and I say it to her ourselves, that is what she will always be.

Thank you Mama Smith, and thank YOU for visiting  what is on its way to becoming a brand new Southern California Bakery.

– Abby Smith


In Loving Memory of


    Janice          &         Patricia